Welcome to Hurricane Season

 (June thru November)





1.     Contacting Alliance Management. 

Alliance is always available to assist on any question or problem regarding your villa or your personal account.  However, they are neither staffed nor is it in our contract for them to answer any question regarding Association business.  Please direct any financial questions you might have to a BOD member.  The management company is accountable and responsive to the BOD in all matters financial, governing, administration, etc.  The BOD is responsible to the members of the HOA.  You may always bring any question you might have to our monthly BOD meeting


The Stella Maris Master Homeowners Association's Official Documents are available to all our members at the Alliance Management Company’s office to inspect or photocopy.  Be advised that Florida Statue 720.303.(5), allows the Association to charge a fee for the personnel time and printing of our documents.


2.     Next Meeting June 6, 9:00 AM @ the POI Marina HOTEL

o   Items up for vote and Discussion at June Meeting

o   BOD developing Association Web site  – contact Cindy Beauchamp to assist or suggestions

o   Line of Credit discussion

o   Unit Painting after Roofing is completed – development of different painting scheme

o   Prism TV presentation and discussion

o   Ron Herron, Inc, has been selected as our roofing consultant

o   Roofing Contractors have been evaluated and final selection will be at Jun 6th meeting


3.     Tentative Future Board meetings  schedule:

o    1st Tuesday of the month,

o   9AM @ Alliance Management Office, 3806 Exchange Ave, Naples, FL 34104

o   Check the bulletin board for official notifications.

POI/ CID   Have you signed up for the automated call system to be advised for the Boil Water Notice?  If not email peggy@floridautilitysolutions.com or call 239.513.0445.  Must provide name, address & one phone number.   Note: only one (1) phone number per address



·       Roofing Tiles selection to be finalized

·       Roofing Contractor to be selected at Jun 6th BOD Meeting

o   Final Total contract price will be in the neighborhood of $ 1,000,000. 

o   Includes; Roofing Contract , Additional Unanticipated Costs, Consultant Fees and Potential Line of Credit for emergency expenses not covered by Reserve Funds

o   Anticipated start date has been discussed to begin Aug 21, 2017 due to enhanced contract pricing.

o   Because of the early start date it would be appreciated if you would consider an early August deposit of your special assessment to assist cash flow planning


·       Irrigation Billing Problems. 

o   When Premier District Management took over our water system last fall they did not know where our irrigation meter was installed!  Consequently, our recent invoice was extremely high as we were billed for last fall’s water in addition to this year’s increase in rates.. 

§  Do you know where it is at?  It is between units 269 &265 and is where the irrigation master  MANUAL shutoff valve is located. 

§  How about the manual shutoff for Dock water?  It is located at “u” shaped backflow preventer near our bulletin board.

o   We anticipate a $3,000 overage on 2017 irrigation budget due to this and  underestimating 2017 usage based on the underreported amount used in 2016.

o     It has been determined that our irrigation system when shut off does  not completely close all of our Individual area shutoff valves allowing water to seep through the system.  It is believed that debris in the system is occasionally preventing these valves from completely closing.  To remedy this situation we will be installing a New Master Shutoff Valve to prevent water seeping into the system.



A recent article in the Marco Island Eagle indicates that the attack of our salt marsh mosquitoes is the norm according to some “old timers.  When we have enough rain, the water levels in the normal breeding areas for the salt marsh mosquitoes allows fish to feed in these areas lowering the larva population.  This year’s lack of rain has not allowed this to occur and the prevailing winds have been blowing them from the mangrove islands into our area.  We did have some significant rain last week but this week’s forecast is for little rain so time will tell.


Fortunately, this nemesis is not the Zika virus type of mosquito, which prefers still, fresh water over flowing, salt water.  Be aware of any standing water on your property and attempt to remedy it as this their perfect breeding ground.


Note:  one of our CID members has a “Mosquito Joes” sign in their front yard.  Hmmmm!  Wonder  what  they know?   mosquitojoe.com - Mosquito Joe Naples - Outside Mosquito Control‎ ‎(239) 288-2322



Sam Leishear recently reported some good fishing after a front passed through the area

WHO’S YOUR NEIGHBOR:  changes to email, new to the neighborhood, phone numbers.  As a reminder to all residents --- our contract for Bug Free insect control includes not only exterior but also interior applications on an individual basis.  You must contact them to schedule your unit’s appointment. Phone numberv239.530.7878

·       298 Floyd Gillespie

·       278 Ron & Kathie Brooks, Full time Resident, From MD

·       266 James Webber & Delyn Hawkins

·       277 Maynard “Ed”& Rebecca Tuten

·       257 Kelly McCormack & Julie Waldo


The number of units still available “For Sale”   Have reduced significantly

o   310 asking $ 319,000

o   290 asking $ 339,000

o   274 asking $ 334,000 Pending

o   246. Listing on ReMax

FAVORITE RECIPE – Somebody must have a great diet desert!


President, Sam Leishear 231 Cays,         Vice President, Jim Johnson – 338 SM,

Secretary, Frank Helbick 317 SM,           Treasurer, Bill Skarren – 245 SM,                      

 Director, Cindy Beauchamp –321 SM

Committees If you have interest in participating PLEASE contact a BOD member & volunteer

·       ACC  Architectural Control Committee– Chair, Bill Keyser,  Frank Dusseault Alberto Garcia

·       Landscape -    Rick Knoll (Alliance), Tom (Big Cypres), Sam Leishear, Teo” Treuren 333 SM

·       DOC Review – Chair-Bob Craig, Bonnie Johnson

·       Mail Boxes -    Chair;  John McCullough John Harvie

·       Welcoming–   Chair-  John McCullough, Sam Leishear

·        Seawall –       Chair- Bob Craig, Kevin Ward, Frank Helbick

·       WebSite          Cindy Beauchamp


Alliance Management Company:  239-331-3722, Fax:239-331-4103

Rich Knoll email: rbknoll@alliancemgnt.com, Barbara Knoll, , 3806 Exchange Avenue, Naples, FL 34104, NOTE: Alliance Management, requests all problems be in writing/email . 

Lee County Electric (LCEC)....800 - 599 – 2356          Emergency& After hours......800 - 282 - 1643 

Premier District Management, Water & Sewer PO Box 9363, FT MYERS FL 33902, billing bi-monthly

Billing:888-233-1144, POI Office: 239-642-9219,      Emergencies   239-435-0951

Boil Water Notice Signup   call 239.513.0445

Century Link; Customer Care Service           800.723.8010  Repair(24hr)   800.788.3600

            Internet Support                    877.646.3282
Trash Customer Service 239.403.2380     252-2380, Pickup – Mo- Trash – Thurs- Trash and Recycling

Recycle Centers          US 41& St Rt 29 Carnestown M-Sa: 8AM – 5PM

                                                Marco Is 771 E. Elkham Circle Tu-Sa: 8AM – 5PM
Sheriff Office, EMERGENCY 911

            Everglades Station-Admin Only..239.695.2301,     Collier County,-Non Emergency..239.252.9300

United States Coast Guard   239 - 261 - 7355

Bug Free 239.530.7878 exterior & interior insect control (included in SMMHOA annual contract)

POI Marina and Store            642-3133

POI Hotel                                394-3055

Gutter Cleaning? Hinspeter 239.455.1216, www.roofingGuy.net  $50/ UNIT(@least 3 units required).

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