It has come to our attention again that one of our neighbors, has had problems with their water pipes in their villa.  As was relayed to everyone last year, the developer of SMMHOA used the PolyView piping in SOME of the villas and PEX in others.  The PolyView piping is mainly in the older models, however some of this piping may have been used after the class action suit has initiated by homeowners and developers in 1996 against the manufacturer of the PolyView piping.  When exposed to UV light and the chlorine in the water, the PolyView pipe AND the white PEX pipe, over a period of time, becomes translucent and will crack and fail catastrophically.  Here is the description of what happened.  The pictures tell the story.

Tell them there was a break in November behind a bathroom wall where a rush of water could be heard.  The April break is shown in one of the pictures.  The force of the water, punctured the drywall and sprayed water out into the living room.  We caught it in the morning as we were just awake.   

I named the pictures so the nature of UV deterioration can be seen.  The nice white pipes with lettering and the translucent pipes where the lettering has disappeared.    

This should make it clear what they are dealing with.  My neighbors are shutting their water when they go out to eat or shop.   But if you are asleep and it breaks-----good luck.


Everyone should be aware that there is the possibility that ANY household may have this piping.  231, 235, and 239, the model units, did have PolyView piping and it was entirely replaced and it was a BIG and EXPENSIVE job.  Please, have a certified plumber check your unit.  It is an absolute disaster if a water pipe should break while you are not home or worse, while you are up North.  Please remember to shut the water off at the backflow preventer valve, that is somewhere in your or your neighbors front yard, or any other valve that shuts off water to your villa if you leave the villa for any length of time other than a short period of time.  Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the cure is VERY expensive.

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