Good to Know!


Colors for Exterior Stella Maris Buildings 

Are you interested in joining a Committee?  Here are some choices! 


1.  Architectural Control Committee (ACC): Chair, Bill Keyser; members:  Frank  Dusseault Alberto Garcia

2.  Landscape: Rick Knoll (Alliance), Tom (Big Cypres), Sam Leishear, Teo” Treuren 

3.  Document Review: Chair-Bob Craig, member: Bonnie Johnson

4.  Mail Boxes: Chair- John McCullough, member: John Harvie

5Welcoming: Chair-John McCullough, member: Sam Leishear

6.  Seawall:  Chair- Bob Craig, members: Kevin Ward, Frank Helbick

7Web Site: Administrator - Cindy Beauchamp

If you have interest in participating PLEASE contact a BOD member to volunteer!