News Flash or Flash Floods?

Roofing In case you are one of the lucky ones and don’t have a leak - here is the status on our roof leaks for 2017. For those of you who are not here I would advise you to get someone to check your interiors and garages. In case you didn’t know we received over eighteen 18” of rain at the Port and it actually made the weather channel that day for the amount of rain we received.

5/5/2017 239 SMM Roof leak middle room 6/6/2017 334 SMM roof leak

6/7/2017 338 SMM Leak in master bedroom 6/7/2017 231 Cays Leak in back bedroom

6/7/2017 282 SMM Leak in garage 6/7/2017 278 SMM Roof leak

6/12/2017 302 SMM Front porch roof leak 6/12/2017 321 SMM Roof leak front hall

6/12/2017 250 SMM Roof leak 6/12/2017 294 SMM Roof leak

6/12/2017 333 SMM Roof leak 6/12/2017 266 SMM roof leak

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