Why I Think SMMHOA Needs Prism

As a member of your Board of Directors at Stella Maris I was sorry to hear that some of our members do not share the boards views on the future of our TV and Internet capabilities and the boards decision to install Century Link's Prism TV package

I would like to point out that this system is not the cable TV service we have known from the past. It is a state of the art, Fiber Optic system, which is a cable system in name only. It is indeed a "New Technology" that will serve us well for the next ten years and for the foreseeable future beyond that. It's increased transmission capacity provides numerous improvements in reliability, capabilities, speed and clarity that no other existing system can provide to us. As a full time resident I have seen the satellite based systems unreliability whenever we experience even the most insignificant rain storm and have seen it completely shut down during thunderstorm or lightning events.

I am not aware of any other "New Technology" that is out there that we can obtain here at the Port of the Islands. Initially, every company we had spoken to required 100% of the entire Port of the Islands community to agree to providing their service. Century Link would only commit when they obtained the condominiums last year. The infrastructure costs which must be recouped mandated a significant size community, especially so far from a a major metropolitan base. to receive this type of product.

Unfortunately for those of you who do not want or perceive any future need for this service, no provider of this type of product will come out here without 100% participation within any association. They will not even consider talking to the homeowners at the Port without an association representing them

I understand your feelings and I share your concerns. I sincerely wish we could have obtained a result that everyone was in agreement with but we have had this dilemma for the past 12 years. When we first moved here 17 years ago we had single source satellite system that everyone used and it was terrible. For those of us who have been able to obtain Century Link Prism through our existing phone lines the results have typically been positive. Unfortunately many of our new neighbors have been forced to alternative sproviders because our existing lines are at their maximum capacity and if any of the existing lines fail that residence's internet capability will not be available.

Your board's analysis of this issue was that the current timing of this opportunity is now and it was the best long term solution and an overall major improvement for our entire community. All of the condominiums last year went through the same analysis and everyone of them came to the same conclusion.

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