There is still no power at the Port although some parts of Naples are getting power back. I’ve heard that Fiddler’s Creek has power. I’ve also been told that there is a definite gas and diesel shortage in Collier County. I have 20 gallons of diesel for my car in the truck. Others are bringing gas so that they have some to be able to go north. Our landscaper, Big Cypress, said they have to go to Fort Meyers to get diesel. They also told me they will be getting here to remove trees in the streets and driveways first, and then be back within the next couple of weeks to finish up. Just remember, we are not the only association they service and everyone wants them there yesterday. Jim Johnson and I will try to get to everyone’s villa on Saturday. We will take some pictures of the problems we see on the outside and send you a list and pictures. This may help a few out when they contact their insurance agent. Jim Johnson was told to take pictures of his lanai screen by his insurance company (it was in the pool and totaled) and then to get the debris removed. Some of you that have your lanai totaled may want to contact your insurance agent now with that news. Fabri-Tech, a screen company out of Fort Meyers is going to give us a ball park figure as to the price on replacing the lanai screen exactly as it is now for any who want to take advantage of their price if they don’t want to price shop. They also told me that there will be a number of people going around who will take down your lanai screen at no charge to you because they want the aluminum. They said to take advantage of that because if they have to do it, it will be $500. They also wanted everyone to know there will be a screen shortage and they will work on a first come, first served basis. I told them that we should be getting new roofs in the future ( no idea about when) and that most would probably want to wait until the roof is done to get their cages done as it wouldn’t make good sense to attach a brand new cage to the old drip edge and soffit of our villas if that might need to be removed when we reroof. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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