Sam's update 9-16-17

Still no Electric. I have heard dates from this Monday to the 23rd. But no one at the Port is holding their breath. Big Cypress came today to start taking down any trees that would prevent access to the villas. They will finish up in a couple of weeks. The water to the dock is off. Do Not Turn it On as we have a big leak on the west side. I may have an plumber there soon to fix it. Gas seems to be finally flowing in. The Green Store on 41 near Reflection Lakes has some as people were queuing up for gas. The gas station next to Walgreens in the our Lowes at 951 and 41 had a tanker in there this evening and people were queuing up there also. So far we have been very lucky and today I got word that they may be starting our roofs on Oct. 2nd. This means you or someone else you know should have a firm idea as far as damage caused by the storm to you villa. Inside and out. As I said, yesterday, Jim and I are going around tomorrow to try and document what we see on the outside. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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