Sam's Update 9-17-17

I would love to tell you there’s power, but my Dad told me never to lie. Still waiting. The entire Naples Area is starting to come back to life. Many more businesses with power and generators. Texas Roadhouse has a generator and was packed. Gas is available at a lot more stations. Rac-Trac on 41 has regular and diesel, and the Rac-Trac on Airport Pulling is open. The Murphy station at Wal-Mart had waiting no lines. 

The number of power lines that are down is unbelievable. Many with poles that have just snapped in two. Jim Johnson and I went out this a.m. and tried to take pictures and write down everything we could see that needed doing. 

Alberto Garcia and Rene Aguilera are trying to get a group to come over to the Port from Miami to take down the cages that are totaled (and on the South side of Stella Maris S. there are a lot). They are going to do it for the aluminum, so we hope that comes to fruition as I told you last night, some companies are charging upwards of $700 to take down and cart off the aluminum that they are going to make money on. I will let you know. Still no trash pickup, unless they did it today, so to say Stella Maris stinks, is an understatement as a number of villas have cleaned out their refrigerators and freezers.  Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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