Change of Board Meeting Location and Time!

Due to Hurricane Irma there is no power at Alliance Offices. Therefore, the Board meeting  site and time has been changed. Please see the below agenda with the location and time:

 Agenda for the Sept. 19th BOD

      Location: Frank Helbick's , 

                317 Stella Maris Dr. S

      Time: 10 am

Note: Emergency change in location and time of  Meeting!  SMMHOA Agenda Items QUORUM Cell Phones Off APPROVE MINUTES FINANCIAL REPORT COMMITTEE REPORTS Document Committee— Landscaping Committee— Rock near seawall Sea Wall Committee— Website Committee— OLD BUSINESS NEW BUSINESS 1. Email/ Letters to members during the last month INFORMATIONAL ONLY a. Mailbox Committee b. Roofing Update c. Roofing Start Date d. Martha Genung Passing e. Friendly reminder to the members who haven’t paid Special Assessment 2. Application from Alberto Garcia for a PWC lift at 270 3. 235 Foreclosure/Lien 4. Discussion on Penalty for those who have not paid Special Assessment

5. Hurricane Irma 

SET NEXT MEETING October 3rd at Alliance Management at 9 am ADJOURNMENT 

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