Update From Sam 9-18

Here is the Fabri-Tech quote for those of you that need new lanai cages. Do not call the main number as they will not give you the same quote. Call Julie Mashburn at 505-362-2727 . I would act of this quickly unless you want to do your own shopping. I can only say that they did the lanai cage at my new neighbors this summer and it looks great. They said the price will do nothing but go up and up because of shortages of screen and aluminum. They said during hurricane Charley the price went from $4 a sq. foot to over $12 a sq. foot and the time lag was up to 1 year. I just present this as a public service and don’t know if this is a good price or not. Bill Skarren said he lost his cage during Charley and it was more than this to replace. Take it for what it is.

Still no electric although they are working on 41 where the pole went down at Royal Hammock. Gas doesn’t seem to be an issue as I saw no lines at many of the convenience stores. There is water at the docks now as that was fixed. Alberto Garcia has a couple that are taking down lanais for $33 and they keep the metal. We have tried to get everyone with a totaled cage the information so that they can get them to do theirs. Call your insurance company before they take it down. Most insurance companies are telling you to take pictures and then take it down. For those that have screens that need to be replaced call Saul Martinez at 239-571-1015. He has done a lot of the screening here already even before Irma. BTW check out the NOAA picture of the Port after Irma. https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/irma/index.html You need to click down to where the Port is. You can really see the cages on the South side of SMMHOA that were destroyed. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere

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