Sam's Evening update 9-19-17

I wish I could tell you all the rumors about getting electric today are true, BUT, I actually talked to a lineman for LCEC that was looking over our area and he said that there are 13 poles down between us and the substation near Everglade City, where we get our power. A couple more days he said. Dang!!! The Board of Directors held an emergency meeting today to discuss many topics that are on our regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting, but most especially the infrastructure damage to Stella Maris from Irma. There certainly was no money budgeted for major infrastructure damage that we incurred. The number of trees down, lost mailboxes, lost globes and electric to those globes along the Sea Wall, and just the huge cleanup, left the Board no option but to vote a Special Assessment of $490 which is the legal amount we are allowed by our Documents. With the reroofing beginning October 2nd, and the Special Assessment we passed to be able to accomplish that undertaking, the last thing we wanted to have to do is go back to the well and ask you to come up with additional money, but we really had no other choice. One small consolation is that some of you can add this to your insurance claim as some insurance policies allow for assessments from HOAs related to hurricane damage to be included in your insurance claim. Check with your insurance company as to whether this qualifies under your policy. There is also the possibility that this could be a casualty loss on your Federal Taxes, BUT, please check with your accountant or CPA. Unfortunately, the couple who were taking down our lanai cages for $35 and the metal figured out that that was a lot harder work than they wanted. So, if we hear of anyone else taking down the cages for the metal, we will tell you. Finally, tarping. The Association is not responsible to tarp those few who need tarps, but we certainly are working with our roofer to get them done, but, we cannot tell you when that will be as they are swamped with requests to tarp damaged homes. I would suggest that if you are really concerned about interior damage to your villa you try and contact someone who will tarp your home, however each homeowner should be aware that they are liable for damage to the interior of the villa as a result of roof leaks regardless of who tarps or when the tarping is done. Barring that, we will just have to wait until we can get Crown out to tarp. Hopefully tomorrow I will tell you “We’ve got Electric”. Got my fingers crossed. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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