Sam's Evening Update  9-20-17

Still no power but a lot of activity by LCEC and Pike Electric at the Port. I think most of us can smell it.<G> Actually that’s just the dock area where we have a number of dead Tilapia that came over from the fresh water behind the weir and died on the salt water side. Come on gators, do your job. Again, the Board would like to remind you that the reroofing will begin Oct. 2nd. Please be ready. Still not sure how many crews we will have working but figure 1 crew per week will finish one complex. Two crews will probably finish two complexes per week. The first on the list are 231-239 and 322-328 and then then Crown will come straight down the street to minimize the congestion. We will try to give you notice who’s next. Here’s hoping for an electric tomorrow!! Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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