Okay, 1 More Update!

Sorry, I lied. I told you I wouldn’t update you again until the roofing started but there seems to be some confusion about the soffits and fascia being in the contract to reroof. They never were in the contract. They would have not needed to be done when we reroofed as the soffits and fascia would have not been damaged during reroofing. Now, those of you that who have soffits and fascia that were destroyed during Irma will need to call a soffit and guttering company like Southern Soffit 239-403-1711 or another company to get an estimate and price for them to repair or replace your soffits and fascia after the roof on your complex is completed. Also, I have the name of the plasterer Oscar Mexico 239-285-6566 if you need interior plaster work. Remember the old adage-he who hesitates is lost. All of the companies and repair people in our area are getting tons of work to do after the storm, and the longer you wait to call and get in their pipeline for repair or replacement, the longer you will have to wait to get your work done. As an example FabriTech took over a year to get everything redone after Charley and pricing for repairs went from $4 a sq. ft. to over $12 a sq. ft. There is already a screening shortage for screen repair. Just saying. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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