Sam's last Update until the Roof Project Starts!

You know it’s really nice to be in your own home with AC, internet and TV. Life is good. Unfortunately, I’ve heard buzzing around my ears today. It won’t be long till the mosquitoes come back with a vengeance. On a more serious note, I would like to leave you with a couple of names if you have any repair work that needs to be done. For electrical work Luis Matta-239-249-4181, Screening- Saul Martinez-239-571-1015, Soffits and guttering- Southern Soffit-239-403-1711, Lanai Cages-FabriTech-Julie Mashburn-505-362-2727 and Interior Plastering-Call the Plumber Hoffman Lopez. He knows a good one. I can personally recommend all of the individuals as they have done work on my villa, are very good, and reasonably priced. FabriTech and Southern Soffit I know by reputation from a contractor that worked on the home next door this summer. They also have a good BBB rating. Another note-For those that will be replacing your Lanai cages that were damaged. You need to have the cage in white and the same dimensions as the original cage. “Picture Windows” are OK, Florida Screen on the side next to your neighbor is OK. Some people would like to put vinyl screening in the top of their cage for shading, that’s OK. A fan hung from the “rafter” of the screen is OK. Remember, if you have a question on whether or not it is approved, contact the Chairman of the ACC, Bill Keyser at and ask him. Remember, do not have them start the cages until your roof is done. You don’t want them attach the guttering in the lanai and then the roofer has to unbolt it to do the roof. Tell them ahead of time so they know that we are in the middle of reroofing and it could take anywhere between 6 to 13 weeks or longer depending on weather and the number of crews we have working here. If you are going to have all of your soffits replaced, the same holds true. After the reroofing. Ron Heron told me today that each building will take 2-3 weeks to complete. They have to remove the old, put on the peel and stick and replace the skylights, it needs inspection and then they put on the new roof and drip edge and bird stop. Now, they will have several roofs going at once so please remember this when you talk to contractors about your repairs. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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