Update from  Sam Regarding  FEMA and Roofing

To: Homeowners Stella Maris Master HOA From: Board of Directors Subject: Update of Roofing and Irma A couple of websites for Waste Management and FEMA For FEMA https://www.disasterassistance.gov Waste Management--• Collier County. Collection will include regular household garbage and recycling. Do not use your recycle cart for garbage or yard waste (only clean and dry paper, bottles and cans). Excess garbage can be placed in heavy-duty black plastic bags and set next to your garbage cart. Excess recycling can be placed in clear plastic bags and set next to your recycle cart. The collection of non-storm related bulk items will resume on September 22. Storm vegetation and storm debris (fencing, roof tiles, screens, carpet) should be placed in separate piles to be collected by an independent contractor. For more information on storm debris collection, residents within Collier County may call 311 or Public Utilities Customer Service at (239) 252-2380. Roofing starts Monday. We will take care of some roof leaks at the same time, however we do not want to spend a lot of money repairing roofs when they are going to be done shortly. Here is the list of roofs from start to finish. If you have a major leak that can’t wait email Sam Leishear at saleishear2@verizon.net and he will see if we can get something temporary done. <image005.png>321-333 Stella Maris S. 231-239 Cays Drive 322-338 Stella Maris S. 317-305 Stella Maris S. 318-306 Stella Maris S. 301-289 Stella Maris S. 302-290 Stella Maris S. 285-273 Stella Maris S. 286-274 Stella Maris S. 269-257 Stella Maris S. 270-258 Stella Maris S. 253-245 Stella Maris S. 254-246 Stella Maris S. Skylights—We will be replacing like for like however, they will be Miami-Dade compliant, unless you told us to upgrade to glass. If you had a polycarbonate skylight, you will be getting a Miami-Dade compliant polycarbonate. If you had glass, you will get glass. Some Solar Tubes might need to be raised and if there is interior work to be done, you will be responsible to get someone to extend them interiorly. There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday Oct. 4th at 9 a.m. at Alliance Management. The Agenda is Below. 

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