Roofing update from Sam

Finally, at long last the roofing has begun. Good progress was made with the 321-333 complex. They are hoping to be able to tear off and put the first layer of peel and stick, (they are putting on two layers for better protection) in two days. Then, there is an inspection and they put on the second layer of peel and stick. Then the tile, drip edge, and roof vents go on. On trash days, some of you may need to move your trash down or up past where they are working so the Waste Management truck can get in. Delivery of Mail, packages from UPS or FedEx may be affected by the reroofing. Please alert these carriers if you are expecting a package, medicines or anything else that will be delivered to you. When those of you in the SMMHOA awake tomorrow, the trash fairy came and removed most of our trash outside our villas. We have gotten prices on the skylights. Remember, we are replacing like for like. If you had a polycarbonate skylight, you will be getting a polycarbonate skylight. If you had a glass skylight, you will get a glass skylight. HOWEVER, if you would like to upgrade from a polycarbonate skylight to a glass skylight, and some already have, the cost to upgrade will be $221 per skylight. I will need to know fairly soon, to make sure we have enough of the glass skylights so please email me immediately with your name and address and we will upgrade you to the glass skylights. Once they rip the roof off your complex, it will be too late to change your minds, so if this is an option for you, act immediately. You will be billed for this upgrade to a glass skylight, you do not need to send any money until you get the bill. The same for any extra work that needs to be done, such as replacing rotten trusses, or other work below the sheathing. Also remember that any interior finishing from the installation of the skylights or extension of the solar tubes, is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the roofing company or the association. Again, if possible, you should try to coordinate between lanai cage replacement, guttering and soffit replacement, solar pool heaters, and rescreening the lanai screen next to the gutter on your cage. The roof should definitely be done first, then guttering and soffit replacement, and then a new lanai cage for those that need one. Once the roof is on, those replacing their pool solar heaters can have that put on. The rescreening on that section of the lanai next to the gutter in your lanai, should be put off until your complex is completed because, as previously explained, when they disengage the lanai guttering from the roof to allow access to the drip edge of the roof (which will be replaced by the roofer), there could be some screen that rips, especially older screen that might not have been destroyed in Irma. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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