Roofing update and Rescinding of Special Assessment for Irma Damages

The roofing project has begun. The first building is underway with two crews working. The first building has given us some tarpping issues and as a result an opportunity to make sure the roofing company has good procedures in place for securing roofs at the end of each day. We look forward to smooth sailing as we move on to the second building. We encourage homeowners to be present when their roofs are being done. We realize not everyone is able to be here. For those of you who cannot be here you may want to have someone at POI walk into your unit and check that everything is okay after work has been completed.

The Board of Directors at our monthly meeting yesterday decided to rescind the $490.00 special assessment since the actual cost of repair after Irma is uncertain. For those of you who have paid, your checks have not been cashed and will be returned to you. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Instead, the Board will use our Line of Credit to pay Irma damages. Once we have a good understanding of actual costs we will revisit the assessment option. At that time we may institute an assessment or use our budgeting process to pay for Irma related costs.

At yesterday's Board meeting we tentatively approved repairs to the sea wall that were preexisting but exacerbated by Irma. In addition, the Board is compiling a list of trees in the neighborhood that will need to be removed following Irma. Unfortunately, it may take weeks before the trees come down because, as you can imagine, Big Cypress is swamped (no pun intended.)

Dr. Sam

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