Update from the BOD

After our first week of the reroofing, we have learned a lot and have some information for residents that will help as we go forward. First, and most importantly, if it is possible, someone should be here in your villa or at the very least, you should have someone check the interior of your villa daily, while your villa is getting the roof removed and the first dry in is accomplished. What is the first dry in you ask? It is when the first layer of peel and stick is put on. The peel and stick is the asphalt membrane that is the greenish colored material that covers the sheathing (the boards on the roof), and once it is done, your villa should be watertight. After that a second layer of peel and stick is applied to give us even more protection from leaks going forward, and then the tile and all other parts of the roof are put on. Report any problems that are found on the daily inspections that are getting done by you or your representative to a member of the board immediately. If you do not, and wait until you come down here in a couple of months and there is a problem, it becomes a he says-she says issue that will be very difficult to resolve amicably We have also learned that this is a very dirty process and you can expect a lot of dirt and debris, including nails, to be in your lanai and pool. You may want to consider closing your hurricane shutters to keep debris out of your lanai, and a tarp for your pool when your complex is being reroofed. The roofing company is not responsible to do this. Finally, the trash issue. As previously explained, residents who are here, might have to move their trash up or down the block to allow Waste Management access to your cans. Secondly, the dumpsters and trucks that Crown brings here to put the old roof in, are not to be used for resident’s trash. Those dumpsters have to be taken to a specific site to be disposed of, and where they dispose of that roof trash has to be just that, the roof trash. Not garden debris, not recyclable debris, and certainly not garbage. If you have any questions at all, please ask a Board member. BOD Stella Maris Master HOA 

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