10-18-17 BOD Update

We presently have two tear-off crews working. If this continues, we will hopefully be done before Christmas. That is our consultant’s and roofer’s plan. As soon as the second layer of peel and stick is applied, the new roofs will go on. The Board has noticed that more snow-birds are arriving as we get to their villa to help insure no problems are found. Welcome, back. As we get to the end of the year, the Board would like to remind all of us that we need your updated insurance information for both your flood insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Please email or send a copy of the declarations page for each to Penny at Alliance Management (penny@alliancemgnt.com). Both Flood and Homeowner’s insurance are required by every homeowner in SMMHOA. These both need to be updated annually. For those of you who lost your steps over the gravel from the dock sidewalk to your dock or are redoing them, you must replace them in one of two ways. Firstly, if they are attached to pilings in the gravel, there must be hinges attached to the step so that we can gain access to the gravel underneath along the seawall should it need to be added to if there is any loss of gravel between the dock sidewalk and the seawall itself. This gravel is extremely important in the maintenance of the seawall and does extend its useful life expectancy. If the steps are not attached to anything, then they must be easily movable, again, for access to the gravel under them. The Sea Wall repairs will likely be done after the first of the year as our contractor is very busy. Dock lights will be repaired starting tomorrow, as a group of us will meet and start the repairs ourselves. Lastly, Big Cypress and our Landscaping committee will be meeting on next Thursday to go over the remaining repair of damage from Irma including tree removal and other landscaping issues. BOD Stella Maris Master HOA 

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