10-20-17 Update from Sam

It has been brought to the BOD’s attention that residents are discussing problems about the reroofing project with the on-site project supervisor. His job is to answer to the BOD and the BOD only. Questions or problems need to be addressed to a member of the Board. Please Do not bring a problem to the on-site project supervisor. The same goes for any problems that you think arose from the reroofing, such as a torn screen, a piece of the guttering that is off or bent, etc., etc. This is why we told everyone early on that we suggest you take pictures so it does not become a point of contention. If you have a picture, there is no contention. Also, we realize that dumpsters will block your driveway and walkways. They cannot be moved by the roofing company, they must be moved by Waste Management. Waste Management is told when they need to remove them, but again, because we are at the end of the Naples Universe, they don’t always come right away. They are just a temporary problem we have to live with. There is also some concern about the debris in the gutters and around the villas left after the tear off phase. There is more debris to come when they begin setting the tile on the roof. They will be required to clean up the areas after the roofs are on and before we issue them their last payment. Please do as much clean up as you would like. Put any debris you find in one of the dumpsters that they use. Please allow this process to be completed before we start to worry about debris removal. Some of you have requested information on what was your cost is to replace your individual roofs. The following is our best estimate as of this date on your units total assessment for this project: $20,201.36 This amount is derived from dividing our Total Cost by our 50 units. Contractor Contract $ 924,500 "L" Metal (est 1425' @ $15/' x 110%) 21,368 (23) Skylights , (11) 14" Solar tubes 20,000 Plywood (300 shets@ $72/sheet) 14,400 Additional Expense Allowance Contractor Total Costs $ 980,268 Consultant $20,700 Misc Fees $9,100 TOTAL COSTS $1,010,068 Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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