16 Ridge Tile Short

16 Ridge Tile Short We are just 16 ridge tiles short of finishing the installation of our million-dollar roofing project. We were that close to finishing before Christmas. They are on order. Now we begin the process of finishing our punch list of those small jobs that need to be completed before we issue the last check to Crown. Many of you have stopped one of the members of the Board on the street to give us additions to the punch list. Yesterday, a couple members of the Board went around and made sure we have everything for Crown to finish. When you are compiling any additions to that list please remember the following. Our roofing consultant told us that if we had to go out for bids for a new roof after Hurricane Irma, this Association would have been looking at between $500,000 to $700,000 in additional costs because of the “Post Irma Bump” in costs for materials and labor. We were VERY LUCKY that Crown honored their contract with us. And for those very few recalcitrants who still believe we didn’t need a new roof after 217 4X8 sheets of rotted plywood were replaced, 100 rotted fascia boards replaced and 70 rotted roof trusses that had to be sistered, the Board would like you to think of this as a $12,000 to $15,000 Christmas present per villa you didn’t have to pay, and the BOD did not have to include in your special assessment. Lastly, during our inspection, the Board noticed that many, many lanai cages and driveways need a good power washing. We have been lax since Irma in requiring homeowners to remove the green and black mold that accumulates on everything, since we all had enough to do following Irma. But, that time is past, and we need homeowners to again step up and take care of their villas. The Board will try again to get Blastmaster to come out and give us a great price to do the work, and like last Spring, you will be required to call them and put your name on the list, as soon as we get their price. We will follow up with another email, once we have gotten a commitment from them as to price and date. Please do not call them now until you get that email from the Board. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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