Update from the Board 1-25-17

CenturyLink has given us an updated installation schedule as to when they will be here to install villa owner’s fiber-optic lines into their home. The schedule is attached as a separate blog. Homeowners must make every effort to be in their villa or have someone there representing them when the CenturyLink technician is here installing their fiber-optic cable so that they will know where you would like to have the router that receives the signal from CenturyLink.

Please remember, they will do everything to be able to place the router where you would like it, but in some cases, that may not be feasible so please give them some leeway in where it can be placed. Remember, they are not rewiring all your TVs with new fiber-optic cable, just the main router. Your existing coaxial cable that connects your other TVs will be used to run the line to that TVs CenturyLink Set Top Box (STB). If, these lines are not good, and they cannot get a signal to these STBs by the existing coaxial cable in your villa, they will provide you with wireless STB to be able to connect to these TVs. We get a main STB with DVR capability to record shows, and two other STB if you need them. You will be able to purchase other STBs directly from CenturyLink if you need more than two.

Also, CenturyLink will offer an upgrade to our regular monthly pricing for Prism Preferred Channels for $10/month, an upgrade to Prism Premium Channels for $45/month, and internet speed upgrade of 1 GBPS for $35/ month. This will be offered at the time of installation of the fiber optic line inside your villa and more information on this will be forthcoming. They have also given us a FAQ section that everyone should download. It has phone numbers to call in case of problems with your service. Do not call the regular trouble shooting telephone number as it will lead to delays because since we are a bulk service, we have special numbers to call---not the regular 800 numbers.

Blastmaster’s has again given us a great price for power washing our Lanai cages and sidewalks. Pool deck/lanai @ $30/ea. Pool cage/screen enclosure @ $35/ea. and Driveways @ $35/ea. There are quite a number of villa owners who need to have their driveways and lanai cages power washed as we discovered in our last walk around. Blastmasters will be here on Feb. 5th to power wash the Association’s sidewalks front and seawall side and will be able to power wash your villa then. You must call Penny at Alliance at 239-331-3772 and make arrangements to take care of your property.

The Board has changed its schedule to allow more participation in our Board meetings from our residents and to give us a little more room for those attending the Board meetings. For our Board meetings on Feb. 6th, Mar. 6th, and April 3rd, we will be having the Board meeting at the Marina Hotel at 1 p.m. in the afternoon.

The Annual Meeting will be February 22nd at 10 a.m. at the Marina Hotel. This will be another important meeting as we have many changes to the By-Laws and Declarations that will need approval by villa owners to clarify previous By-Laws and codify rules and regulations that have been in effect for years. Please make every effort to attend. If you cannot attend you will have the option of allowing our Secretary, Frank Helbick, to vote for you by assigning your proxy to the Secretary. He will vote affirmative to all changes of the Declaration and By-Laws. You may also give your proxy to someone who will be attending the meeting in person and have them vote for you.

Bills went out this week for the fascia boards and trusses that were repaired on your villa during the reroofing. As previous explained, these repairs are your financial responsibility. Southern Soffit was here last week. He is going to walk the property soon and give us pricing for repairing the soffits, guttering and fascia boards. Cross our collective fingers, I have two more who MAY come out. More on that to come.

Later today there will be posted on the website is a list of all Permits and Certificate of Completion from Collier County for our reroofing project. Please look for them in the Members Only Section. There is a dedicated page call Roof Insurance Information You will need both and they have the numbers of the villas at the end of the file name. Example—for my villa 231, the Permit number is PRBD20170834344 231-239 and the Certificate of Completion is--Certificate of Completion 231-239. These should be all your homeowner’s insurance needs to get you a better rate on your policy. Bill Skarren and I have Tower Hill Insurance, and this is all they required to get us a (approximately $500 for me and $600 for Bill) reduction in our policies.

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