Update February 9, 2018

UPDATE The Annual Meeting Notification package is in the mail and is posted on the SMMHOA.net website. Again, it is extremely important that you either 1) attend the meeting on Feb. 22nd at 10 a.m. at the Marina Hotel in person to vote on the changes to our Covenants, 2) give our Secretary, Frank Helbick, your proxy to vote for you at the meeting, or 3) give another villa owner your proxy to vote for you. Several of the amendments require a 2/3 approval of all voting interests (33 votes) to pass. The Board requests that you vote affirmative for all Declarations and By-laws changes. The Board, at our last Director’s meeting, gave the approval to modify the ACC guidelines to allow residents to replace their driveways with stamped, colored concrete and pavers. Guidelines were issued to the ACC to allow them to review and approve those applications for these modifications to our driveways. Adjacent villas must be notified that you would like to modify your driveway and their signature must be included on your application to the ACC. Please remember---All changes to the exterior of your villa and/or docks require the ACC to review these changes and must give their approval before any work is commenced. The ACC form that needs to be filled out for these approvals is on our website for your downloading. Please send it to our management company to begin the process of having them reviewed by the ACC. The Board also voted that in the future any mailbox and stand that requires replacement will need to use the new polycarbonate mailbox and stand that do not need to be painted. Remember mailboxes are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair and maintain. When repairing or mainaining your box rather than replacing it the ACC guidelines  currently require that mailboxes be maintained in the following fashion---- Gloss Black (heat paint), self-etching primer on bare metal, letters 2” high. Since the new boxes will be a "mat" finish we are considering a change to the guidelines to require mat rather than gloss paint when painting your box is required. We will keep you apprised of our decision. Finally, the Board discussed the Flood insurance requirement since we are no longer in the AE1 flood plain according to FEMA. We decided to leave the requirement in place that all villa owners must have flood insurance. However, the Board wanted all residents to know that there was a change in our flood designation from AE to X and that villa owners might want to contact their insurance agent to see if that will qualify them for a lower rate on their homeowners and flood insurance. Along those lines, the Board would like to remind all villa owners that a CURRENT copy of their declaration page for homeowners and flood insurance must be on file with Alliance Management. Either have your insurance agent send a copy to them or download and email a copy to them yearly. Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere 

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