Agenda for March 20 Special Meeting

Agenda for the March 20th BOD              Marina Hotel 7 pm SMMHOA Agenda Items QUORUM Cell Phones Off APPROVE MINUTES Next BOD Meeting FINANCIAL REPORT Next BOD Meeting COMMITTEE REPORTS Next BOD Meeting OLD BUSINESS None NEW BUSINESS Decisions on Repainting Questions to be decided:  Will adjacent buildings be allowed to be different Colors? Will buildings across the street be allowed to be different colors? Will there be Options for each Building? Will there be options for each individual villa? What are those options? Will there be a default option for villas that don’t choose? The Lottery to determine the starting Point for repainting. Will Flipping of Main villa color and complementary garage door colors be allowed? What color will we paint the Trim? What will be the color palette? What information must each Building have to the Board by April 20th. What happens if your building doesn’t pick colors for your building by April 20th? What information must each Villa Owner have to the Board by June 1st. What happens if you do not pick any of the options that each individual has for their villa. What happens is your building reaches a tie in voting for their building colors. How will the BOD resolve two adjacent buildings picking the same color? ADJOURNMENT SET NEXT MEETING April 3rd at Marina Hotel at 1 pm ADJOURNMENT Dr. Sam Fishing Somewhere

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