Additional Paint Options and Parking Reminder

BOD SMMHOA At our most recent BOD meeting the Board voted to allow some additional villa owner options in our forthcoming repainting of the Association. The Board voted to allow the painting of the accent color (complementary garage door color) in the Florida room on your rear lanai. We define the Florida room as that area from the storm shutters to the sliding glass doors in your rear lanai. We will also allow the ceilings to be painted trim white in both that Florida room and the ceiling in the Front lanai. However, this will only be done by our painting contractor at the time we repaint and at no other time will it be allowed until we repaint again. To that end, if you desire any of these three options, you must tell us by June 1st. If you do nothing, those three areas will be painted in the main body color that your building has selected. Please send any selection you make to Please notice that is my new email address. Please remember to NOT park on the grass next to your driveways. There are sprinkler heads everywhere and we certainly have had to replace quite a few from Crown, CenturyLink and Irma as many parked anywhere they could. Please stay off the grass with your cars. Lastly, there has been some requests to have Northern Paint Contracting give us a price on painting the frames around our metal windows on a per villa basis as a personal add-on. Northern has come back with the price of $140 per window to clean, scrap, prime and paint them white. If you have some desire to do that please contact me about that in a separate email. We will see if there is enough response for Northern to offer this. BOD SMMHOA 

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