Clam Processing Plant

In the POI newsletter in your recent water bill, there is an interesting article about a clam processing plant that would like to set up shop in that 5 acre parcel at the front of Cays Drive. There is presently a lot of discussion about whether or not this would be a good fit for a business so close to our development. As residents here, I would like you to direct your feelings on this, for or against, to the CID and POI Realty. I know personally, having lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where there are all kind of crab, oyster, and clam processing plants that if done correctly and maintained correctly, they do not present a problem such as smell in the surrounding area. I also know that if not maintained correctly, they can become a big problem for noise, smell and traffic. I also know as a councilman in our small town in Maryland, that the sewer treatment plant required a lot of improvements because of high BOD requirements needed to treat this effluent that comes from the clam plant.

Dr. Sam

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