Important letter to Residents Regarding Building Painting

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Licensed and Insured Dear Stella Maris Homeowners: Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the pressure cleaning and painting project at Stella Maris. It will be our pleasure to work with all of you durging this process. As promised, we will deliver a quality product to every unit owner in a timely fashion. We will begin the pressure cleaning and painting project on October 15, 2018. In order for this work to run as smoothly as possible, we will need the cooperation of ALL unit owners during this process. Attached to this letter you will find the schedule that informs unit owners of when their building is going to be painted. This will allow unit owners the opportunity to make the proper adjustments and arrangements to meet our guidelines for this project. Pressure washing of the buildings will take place on the Monday of the week your building and carport is to be painted. During the pressure washing process, we ask that residents close all windows and doors tightly, remove all vehicles from the pressure cleaning area (including driveways), and remove all furniture and decorations from the entryways and lanais. These precautions are to ensure the protection of your property during our high-pressure cleaning process. Our services during this project do not include the washing of homeowner windows after pressure cleaning is complete. We would suggest that unit owners wait to have their windows cleaned until after the pressure cleaning and painting is finished. We will commence the preparation and painting process on the overhead garage doors on Wednesday of the week your building is to be painted. Please do not open your overhead garage door on this day until we have had a chance to cut the seal between the door and weather-stripping. Prematurely opening the door could cause damage to your door, track, or motor system. All doors will be cut free by the end of business on that day. We will need to have the entry doors open for a few hours on the Friday of the week your building is to be painted. This will allow enough time for us to remove the weather stripping, paint the outside half of the casing, and the edges of the door. If the homeowner will not be present during this painting project to open the entry door, we would ask that they make the proper arrangements to have the door open (i.e. Home watch service). If the homeowner does not make the proper arrangements, the entry door will be painted in a closed position. During this process, we are offering homeowners the opportunity to have their lanai/pool deck floors painted. If you are interested in having this work completed, please contact our main office to submit a request. We will direct an estimator to visit your residence and provide a proposal for this process which will be sent directly to you. If approved, we will schedule the work to be completed directly with you. We acknowledge that there is a great deal of information in this letter, so please do not hesitate to contact us at Northern Contracting Inc. if you have any questions regarding this pressure cleaning and painting project. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience in order to make this a successful project. Respectfully, Northern Contracting, Inc. Tel.: (239)267-5133

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