Power washing & Pool Deck, Lanai Painting

The Landscape Committee did our month walk thru and there are numerous villas that need driveways, sidewalks, landscaping stones, and lanai cages power washed because of our green and black mold.  Blastermasters is going to be here the 24th of September to power wash our sidewalks and the community for those who made arrangements before September 17th with Kacey at Alliance (Penny is no longer at Alliance). Call or email her at kacey@alliancemgnt.com to arrange to get what you need power washed.  As usual, they have given us a GREAT price. 

As we come to our repainting next month, this is a reminder that EVERYTHING (excepts lights and electrical boxes) on our exterior walls and doors that are going to be repainted MUST be removed by the villa owner ONE WEEK prior to the date Northern has you scheduled.  Pictures, garden hose reels, plaques, etc. should be removed.  If you have a hot tub that is not integrated into your pool, it needs to be moved away from the walls.  All storm shutters must be opened.  Lanai screen doors need to be unlocked.  Potted plants need to be moved out of the way.  If you do your own landscaping (and some do), all planting next to exterior walls need to be cut back about a foot to allow access to the exterior wall. If you do not do your own landscaping, Big Cypress will begin cutting plantings back from the walls this month in preparation for our repainting.  Basically, if you don’t want it painted, MOVE IT.  Additional information from Northern Contracting is included here as an attachment and on our website at www.smmhoa.net.

For those who would like to have their pool area and patio concrete repainted at their own expense, you will need to let Cindy Beauchamp at cindyleebeau@yahoo.com  know by Sept 20th. Please send your name, address and whether you have a pool. Northern will come out and prepare a quote ahead of the house painting if enough residents are interested. Please be aware Northern will bill you directly.  This will not be done through the HOA.

If you missed it the first time, here is the schedule.  Remember, they will come BEFORE the painting date scheduled to power wash everything that will be repainted.

Please go to the members only section to view the schedule. 

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