Calling All Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for several of our committees. I will outline each committee and its responsibilities. If you think you can help us out, PLEASE volunteer. The only way this community grows and changes, is if we take part in its growth. You DO NOT need to be here full time. Most things can be handled by email and telephone.

Landscaping Committee

They meet once a month. The last Friday of the month at 10 am. They walk around with our Landscaper, the Management Company and a board member. They are responsible for the Landscaping and exterior appearance of our community. They make recommendations to the board as far as what needs to be done. I think this is one of the most important committees here.

Architectural Control Committee

They meet whenever someone in our community wants to change basically anything on the exterior of their homes. Add a skylight, change windows or doors, are examples. Mostly done by email.

Documents Committee

We have done quite a bit of updating in the last three years, but there are still certain places where the Documents need a little updating. We would like this committee to accomplish this before the Annual meeting in February because this will need an up or down vote of the Association to amend our By-Laws and Covenants.

Welcoming Committee

It would be nice to have a committee that gets together when someone new comes into our community and welcomes them. They could also explain some of the regulations that govern us, so that there is no confusion on who is responsible for what.

Website Committee

We are looking for a small group to help our Webmaster, Cindy Beauchamp, improve our website to make sure it’s user friendly for our residents.

BOD Positions

We will also be having two positions available on the Board of Directors come February. More information on these positions will be forthcoming around December when those who would like to fill those positions will need to make their intentions known to Alliance Management for an election at our Annual Meeting in February.

Please. Join us. Email me at with your committee requests. Let’s make this a Stellar Stella Maris.

Dr. Sam

Fishing Somewhere

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