One more Painting update

One final update before our painting. There has been some discussion about that small area between lanai screens of adjacent villas in the pool area. Some of them are so small that people do not care if they are painted or not. Some are large enough that villa owners may feel they want them painted. If you would like to have them painted or Northern feels the space is large enough that it needs to be painted, Northern will remove the spline and paint them. Please make sure Northern knows your preference as they are painting your villa. Villa owners will be responsible to replace the spline if it stretches or breaks, and to repair the screening in their lanai cage. Northern will not be responsible for either repair/replacing the spline or repairing/replacing the screen. Northern will be leaving everyone a small sample of their villa colors, and this paint can be used to paint these in-between areas anytime anyone replaces their screens as well as touching up areas on their villa in the future.

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