Outcome of the March 26th Special Membership meeting

  • Dear Residents,

The Board would like to thank each of you who made the effort to attend the March 26th special member meeting or who submitted proxies. Because of you the recent two proposed amendment changes were passed.

In order to pass an amendment, 34 of the 50 votes must be in favor of the change.

The first amendment, (landscaping) passed with exactly 34 votes in favor of the amendment.

The second amendment (mail boxes) passed with 38 votes in favor of the amendment.

Clearly, those who voted made the difference in the amendments passing and we thank you for casting your votes in favor of the amendments.

But more importantly, the Board wants to make sure that each of our residents is taking the opportunity to let your opinions be heard on proposed amendment changes. The way the residents do that is by voting - either for or against amendment changes.

Unfortunately, 12 units did not vote at all. 12 votes may not seem like a lot especially in bigger communities. But we live in a small community so every vote does matter. Those 12 votes represent 24 percent of the total votes.

Going forward in 2019 there will be a number of important amendments for your consideration. We will be communicating more about these in the next few weeks and months. We want to thank you in advance for weighing in on these amendments as they are presented to you. We are going to need everyone's feedback and participation. Most importantly we will need your vote.

Yours truly,

The Board of Directors

Cindy Beauchamp, Jim Johnson, George Mess, Kevin Ward, Theo Treuren

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