Governing Document Revision

In the coming year, we will be updating all our governing documents. The Board has set aside budget money to accomplish this task and we have hired the top HOA attorney in the area, Richard DeBoest, to help us get the job done.

The current documents have outdated language, have too much legalese, refer to the developer and do not comply with current Florida HOA law. In order to keep our legal fees down, many people in our community will work hard this year to get the documents revised. Our Documents committee has already met to begin the process. They are Bonnie Johnson, Jim Mohr and Joann Hatton.

We need your input as well. Please take the time to review the documents and let us know if there are areas that you feel need to be changed. Since Richard will automatically eliminate any reference to the developer and will update the documents to comply with Florida law you will not need to comment on those. However, if there is something in our rules that has been bothering you or your feel some of the language is confusing now is the time to let us kno

The easiest way to do this is to refrence the sect

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