April 12, 2021 Board Agenda

Stella Maris Master HOA Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda

April 12, 2021

POI Hotel in Tiki Hut at rear by pool

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Agenda Items

Call to Order

Approve Minutes of last meeting

Financial Report

Committee Reports

Buildings and Grounds


Old Business:

CenturyLink Service – Internet speed up

- Continuation of service

Governing Document - Restatement mail to resident

- Scrivener’s error, correction

Dock building requirements

Seawall replacement estimate

New Business

ACC language change to align with Governing Documents

ACC requests

Dock permit issue

Dock Project oversight for compliance

Dock renovation costs

Approve lease agreement for unit 273

Board Member resignation

Mess – effective March 21, 2021

Beauchamp – effective April 19, 2021

Board appointment

Board Re-Organization – Board selection of officers

Executive session

SET NEXT MEETING – May 4, 2021

Motions to adjourn

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