Zoom Meeting Update

Hello Residents, we just finished up our Zoom meeting to go over the governing documents a while ago. 4 of the 5 Board of Directors, our Association Manager, and our Association Attorney were on the call.

During the call we went through each of the proposed governing document changes that were sent out to you in the mail and shared reasons for making the change. At the end of the presentation we opened the meeting up to comments. A couple of residents felt a 2 of the changes were directed at them personally.

Please know that no one on this Board is singling out any resident. The Board's unanimous recommendations, as the law requires, were for the benefit and betterment of our community as a whole. We understand that in doing that, some residents may not agree with the changes and in fact, may be disadvantaged by them. If that is the case then it was done in order for other residents to fully enjoy the community. We get that.

However, we, also, understand that when we live in an Association some benefits we would enjoy as a stand alone property owner are more restrictive. That's the nature of Associations. Frankly, living in an Association is not for everyone for sure.

On the other hand, the rules and restrictions benefit the residents too. We don't have to worry about rusting vehicles, upholstered sofas on the neighbors front porch, barking dogs, etc. There are economic benefits too. We share costs so none of us has the burden of keeping up roadways, sidewalks, the seawall, painting our Villas, mowing lawns and the many other advantages of living in an Association.

There is a give and a take.

We began updating our governing documents almost 2 years ago. This has been a long, long process. First, a committee was established. Next, a letter was sent to each resident asking them to read through the current documents and make recommendations for change, We, also, asked residents to volunteer to be on the Documents Committee. At each Board meeting the Documents committee was on the agenda and gave an update. The committee reviewed and incorporated the suggestions from residents. They added the resident suggestions they felt were appropriate. Next, the Board of Directors reviewed the committee recommendations and made additions to the documents. From there, the documents were sent to our attorney, Richard DeBoest. Richard added updated legal language and suggested changes to reflect the "best practices" of Associations.

During that time, three additional drafts were made because of changing legal requirements having to do with the site plan and getting the site plan approved by the government agencies. Finally, the Attorney's revised documents were sent back to the Board for their final review and approval. The Board went through the documents in a open Board meeting and held a discussion and made additional changes. Once the Board was satisfied and the majority of directors were in favor of the changes they unanimously agreed to send the documents to you for a vote.

As mentioned above, we held the zoom meeting today to explain the recommendations and allow for resident comment. Going forward, we want to continue to allow all of residents to be able to address any questions that have not yet been addressed. Therefore, if you would like more information or to discuss concerns please feel free contact a Board member before you send in your proxy vote. Please remember, those are due by February 15, 2021.

We realize that there is always just one more edit that could be made, one more new idea that could be added, one more opinion that should be heard. But, we've been working on the update now for 2 years. We could work on it for 2 more years and still there would be other ideas and opinions to be added. It's time for a vote.

Let's vote "yes" on each of the 3 recommendations so we have working documents that contain all the right legal language, all the amendments rolled into it, and correctly states current Florida law.

To date we have spend over $7,000 in Attorney fees in association money. It is time to move on. Once we have these documents approved we can tweak provisions as necessary without having to submit another draft to the attorney and spend more money.

As a reminder, Board Members are Theo Treuren, George Mess. Floyd Gillespie, Kevin Ward and me. Please feel free to call any of us.

Cindy's phone number is 239-233-3757. The others are listed in our directory.

Best Regards,

Cindy, Theo, George, Kevin & Floyd

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